The Boat

If you want to discover the island from the sea, we have a beautiful and powerful boat to rent for days. More information

Some questions:

  1. Where can I go with the boat (approximate distance)?
    The ship is enabled for coastal navigation
  2. Is food added or do I have to bring it?
    It must be carried by the renter
  3. Can it be rented and would the skipper take me to places to get to know the area or do I have to tell him?
    In case you want a skipper you must indicate it, the skipper of course knows the area and would take you to your liking
  4. How many hours is the boat rented?
    It can be rented for days, from 10 in the morning until sunset at most
  5. If I have a skipper, can I still rent the boat?
  6. How many people does it admit (950kg of maximum load weight is indicated)?
    With skipper included a maximum of 8 people
  7. What does the price include (bedding, fuel, life jackets, children's vests, port fees...)?
    The price includes everything, but the boat must be refueled, otherwise it will be filled at the cost of the deposit and the rest will be returned
  8. Can I rent the boat to go fishing?
8 passengers
300 hp
7.23 m
2 berths